06 | 12 | 2016

YajHFC (Yet another Java HylaFAX client) is a client for the HylaFAX fax server written completely in Java.


  • Faxing documents in PostScript, PDF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF and HTML format
  • Polling faxes
  • Support for generating cover pages from templates (in PostScript, HTML and (with a Plugin) XSL:FO or ODT format)
  • Viewing sent and received faxes
  • Phone book (entries can optionally be read from SQL databases or LDAP directories)
  • Visible table columns may be selected in a dialog
  • Runs under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (and probably other platforms if a suitable JRE is available)
  • Supports ten languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish


  • A installed Java 5.0 (or higher) JRE (Java 6 or higher recommended)
  • A running HylaFAX server in your network (should be obvious ;-) )
  • A program to view faxes (optional, also see the FAQ)
  • A PostScript viewer (optional, e.g. Ghostview)
  • GhostScript (optional)
  • tiff2pdf from the libtiff utilities package (optional)


YajHFC is free software available under the GPL v3.